More attention should be paid to the health of the feet in summer

Without the protection of socks, the foot and shoes often “closely contact” the result is that it is easy to make the heel and thicker parts of the stratum corneum longer and thicker, and the insteps, toes, etc. that are in friction with the shoes are prone to skin redness, pimples, blisters, etc.symptom.

This is because the skin is allergic to leather, rubber and other shoe materials, which is a contact dermatitis.

In addition, the aunt’s feet have a thin layer, poor insulation, and the farthest distance from the heart, and poor blood supply, so the skin temperature of the soles of the feet is the lowest, which is extremely vulnerable to cold.

Once the feet are cold, the capillaries of the upper respiratory tract mucosa can be contracted and the resistance can be significantly reduced, and the germs in the air will invade, causing a variety of diseases such as fever and cold.

Especially when it rains, bare feet are more susceptible to cold, which can cause stomach pain and waist and leg pain.

  Therefore, summer foot protection is very important, we must start from the following aspects.

First, wear socks.

Thin cotton socks or breathable stockings can form a “barrier” for sweat and ventilation between the skin and shoes.

If necessary, cotton insoles can be added to absorb sweat and protect the skin while being more resistant to friction.

Second, you need to get more feet in summer.

There are many benefits to soaking feet in summer, not only can drive away fatigue, but also have the effect of eliminating heat and trouble.

It is recommended to soak feet with hot water for about 40 seconds every night for 15-20 minutes.

Third, scrub and exfoliate.

While the dead skin on the feet becomes soft after foaming, apply scrubs and massage with your fingers in a circular motion to enhance the effect of removing dead skin.

If you want to scrub better, but don’t want to wear the skin, you can usually cover your feet with a hot towel, and the dead skin will soften after about 5 minutes.

Fourth, foot massage is essential.

For example, Yongquan points, use the thumb or index finger joints for continuous stimulation until the soles of the feet become hot.

In summer, you sweat a lot, and your shoes should often be washed and dried.