Eight mentalities of red apricot out of the wall

No one listens to all kinds of talented women, and they marry a wooden man or a muscular man.

He can never have an inexplicable feeling for the autumn leaves or the blizzard in the snow, and sees the possible actions as ridiculous.

There has always been an elegant scholar in your dreams. You can laugh with him and enjoy the flowers and the moon.

One day, this person came quietly, and seemed to be an inescapable fate.

  You are a lunatic. I am stupid to find faults in his character.

But you can hardly capture the life vitality in him, and you are always passionate.

He is often hasty, you are silent.

The man who was stranger let you smell his powerful breath, hear his vigorous heartbeat, you can’t help it, you found the happiness of a woman from him, and of course you tasted the pain.

One kind of force is going to tear you, you need to find another kind of force to bind you, but where is that force?

What is it

You do not know.

  A poor couple is a miracle no matter what, he is a good man and treats you well.

At one time, you thought that was enough, and you were willing to start from scratch with him, like a swallow biting mud, building your own little bit by bit, and really did it.

One day you experienced the BMW incense car, experienced the glittering luxury hotel, you are like a gradual shrinking fruit, suddenly absorb enough water to keep it bright.

You collapse, are you a woman who can be seduced by matter?

  Wu Yin Xiangmei, the drunken husband, is a hero in his career. He is invincible and has attracted envy from countless people.

However, in his eyes, you account for a small proportion.

He is gentle with you in his free time, but you are just a dust in busy time.

Remember a word: Wu Yin is so beautiful when drunk, who is Weng Yan with white hair.

You understand why Helen left the heroic Spartan King, willing to follow the little white-faced Paris to flee to Trollo.

  That smile is actually so simple, you just can’t make him look as warm as his father and brother.

Your man, after marrying you at home, treats you as his natural mother and a pay-sitter.

He is like a wayward child who can expose his greed, ignorance, and laziness in front of you, becoming a symbol of love and a sign of affection.

At first you thought so, but one day you were tired.

So, he arranged like heaven and appeared in front of you.

You can hardly match the warm eyes of his father and brother.

You fell asleep peacefully in his arms, so sweet, you haven’t slept like this in a long time.

  However, looking back, the man thought in the lights that the man was just a dream of a girlhood, which does not exist in reality.

The reason for getting married was actually the persecution of age, when you thought that even the person in your dream existed.

However, he finally appeared, but after you got married.

  Where is the best man outside the Castle Peak Tower?

He will not be around, not in front of him, he will always be in the unknown distance, he is the next, the next man is the best, this is your distinct logic, and exists in the hearts of many women never dare to announce inPublic.

Like a lunatic, no one knows what you want, not even yourself, but you keep looking until your day is gone.

  Although the lonely Chang’e Shu Guang sleeve husband is good, he is in the horizon.

Although the man in his eyes is average, he gives you a warm and sensible temperature.

You can’t refuse, you stretch out your long sleeves and hold him in your arms.

Sometimes you feel ashamed, but you can’t stop it.