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Fish is a food that everyone often eats in life. Fish contains a lot of nutrients such as protein and amino acids, which can not only strengthen the physique, but also can be used to supplement the brain.

The preservation of fish is also very important. Fresh fish has good taste and loss of nutrients, which is more conducive to absorption by the human body.

If you want to keep fish fresh, you need to pay attention to skills.

So, how should fish be kept fresh?

Fresh fish preservation method 1: There is a life and death line behind the inner nerve of the fish’s eyes. After the fish leaves the water, the life and death line will immediately die, and the fish will die with it.

 When the live fish you bought is not eaten for the time being, you can use wet paper to stick it to the eyes of the live fish, and transfer the fish to the water to continue to live 3?
5 hours.

Fresh fish preservation method two.

Live fish freezing method: Frozen fish directly into the refrigerator or freezer.

Take out and thaw when you eat, the fish quality is fresh like live fish.

Fresh-killed fish preservation method three-visceral salt water soaking method: the fish’s internal organs can be emptied without washing and scraping the scales, soaked in 10% saline, and can be stored for several days without deterioration.

Fresh-killed fish preservation method 4-Mustard preservation method: Take an appropriate amount of mustard and coat it on the surface of the fish body and the inner cavity (opened), or evenly sprinkle around the container of fish, then seal the fish and mustard in the containerCan be stored for 3 days without deterioration.

Fresh fish killing method five-hot water treatment method: after removing the internal organs of fresh fish, put it in the hot water (80-90 degrees) that has not been opened, and remove it after a short stop. At this time, the fresh fishThe appearance has been whitened and stored on ice, which can double the storage time of fresh fish treated with hot water.

Fresh fish killing method 6-steam treatment method: clean the fresh fish, cut it into a shape convenient for cooking, and put it in a plastic bag with air permeability.

The whole bag of fish can be kept fresh for 2-3 days after being sterilized in hot steam.

Fresh fish preservation method 7-Alcohol treatment: Pry the mouth of fresh fish, drip liquor into the mouth, and put it in a cool and ventilated place to prevent spoilage.

Cut a few cut flowers on the fresh fish, and then pour an appropriate amount of beer into the fish meat and the inner cavity of the fish body to keep it fresh and fresh before cooking.