College Town Syndrome: Zombies in Dormitory

这一段令人毛骨悚然The words come from the diary of a student netizen in a university town.

Recently, college students’ new drafts of the term, “University Town Syndrome” became a popular element among them. The reporter collected interviews from various sources, and asked readers to blame the status quo in the university town.

  ”At the beginning of each semester, there will always be some brothers who say to the freshmen:‘ do n’t stay in school all the time and be careful of ‘University City Syndrome’.

“” University Town Syndrome “is a new term that has been circulating among college students recently. It is a unique morbid phenomenon that mainly merges in the isolated university town.

  Symptom 1: Anonymous irritability “Every time I stay in the university town, I become irritable.

It started as a zombie in the dormitory, then ran around in the university town as a living dead, and then ran out of Guangzhou to suck the yang.

Really boring, just go home and lie down.

Cycles start and end.

“When typing” University Town Syndrome “in Baidu, this was the only answer that came from the diary of a student netizen who was in school in a university town.

  Symptom 2: Questionnaire University City is home to ten colleges and universities in Guangdong. It is an urban area where many college students live together. It has attracted the attention of society and the media. So social questionnaires about psychological issues, professional employment, etc. fill the life here.

“It’s really annoying. I am afraid that there would be no psychological problems in the dark of these endless questionnaires, which will make people nervous.

Said a classmate.

  Take a look at some colleges and universities, and you will find that students’ class time has been almost completely hidden by PPTs that promote various activities or lectures.

Some students also reported that various leaflets were often crowded into the dormitory, “there are as many worries as paper”, some students on the island said.

  Symptom 3: There are too many people but it is difficult to make friends in university towns.

“It’s very difficult to make friends here,” said Mr. Li of Guang TCM. “Although there are a lot of people here, there is always a deviation between people. Everyone is not very active and a little indifferent. An introverted person like meDifficult to make friends.

“University students are usually very personal. Due to differences in personality, the enthusiasm of most people for communication has weakened. And now students are popular in dormitories, sleeping, playing games, surfing the Internet, and” otaku “has become popular, and some people have already gone to work.In a hurry, he has no time to care, and enjoys enjoying the peaceful life that he is used to.

“Although I have a lot of friends in the university town, I rarely go to them because everyone is busy with things.

Liu of CUHK said.

  Symptom 4: The lonely “flash love”, gathering and rushing in the university town, there is also a high frequency of love and loss of love, gathering and scattered, all so chic.

Love at first sight, then decline, and exhaustion, the shortest love is only a few days.

  Most of the sophomores, Chen, the class secretary, told reporters that many people in the class who are in love in college have now changed two or three objects.

A classmate of Guang TCM said that his roommate had a “short-lived” relationship that lasted only one week.

“College students often fall in love on a whim, and are particularly lonely in a closed university town. They will find someone to accompany them when they are bored.

“This is the love view of the extra urban middle school students.

  Symptom 5: There is such a phenomenon that the exam is confused. Some colleges are not exams, and the classrooms are particularly deserted. When the exams are in progress, the number of people in “emergency” is suddenly increased. It is even difficult to find a place in the study room”Because many things like books or drinking glasses are there to hold their positions for their owners, sometimes for hours.

The mentality of too many students is that they should start studying immediately after taking the exam, and cheat if they can’t do it. Everyone is shouting to pass the exam. It is also easy to make up for the exam.

  A male student from a school of nursing said: “What you have learned now is almost forgotten after graduation and not much used. As long as you pass the exam, you can get a graduation certificate.

“Many students would rather spend more time on work, activities and games.

In response to this phenomenon, some colleges and universities have taken measures to cancel the retake and directly rebuild, hoping that students can hurry to study.

  The reporter found that many of the above-mentioned “University Town Syndrome” stemmed from the fact that students in the University Town generally felt that the new school lacked historical heritage and lacked sufficient academic knowledge. However, it was a little more impetuous and immediate, which made people too realistic.Things are too formal.

In addition, many other students believe that the university city is still just a simple combination of many colleges and universities. They are inseparable, have no soul, no centripetal force, and cannot form a joint force. This is the root cause of many problems.