Recommended “Old Slow Branch” Medicinal Diet

In the winter and spring seasons, patients with “old slow branches” tend to have more attacks and their condition worsens.
Therefore, when the weather becomes cold every year, measures should be taken to prevent the recurrence of “old slow branches”.
  In addition to requiring prophylactic prevention such as keeping warm, preventing colds, and breathing exercises, Chinese medicine prevents chronic branch outbreaks, and is supplemented with nourishing medicated meals, which can significantly reduce recurrence and delay the development of the disease.
  Pear Chuanbei Soup Take pear 1, peel and slice, 12 grams of Chuan Fritillary, shatter, add 30 grams of sugar, stew soup.
Suitable for elderly patients with bronchitis, lung heat, dry cough and phlegm.
  Lily and walnut porridge is made of 50 grams of lily, 15 grams of walnut meat, 10 red dates (coreless), and 50 grams of japonica rice.
Applicable to elderly chronic bronchitis, kidney deficiency, cough and asthma.
  Beef Lung Rice with Ginger Juice 200g beef lung, 15 ml ginger juice, glutinous rice.
Cut beef lungs into cubes, add glutinous rice, simmer over low heat, and add ginger juice to serve.
It has the effects of expectorant, nourishing the lungs and warming the stomach. It is effective for the elderly who have a long cold cough and thin phlegm.
  3 dried persimmons with rock sugar, a small amount of rock sugar, put in a pot, steamed until the persimmons are soft and eaten.
It has the effects of moistening the lungs, reducing phlegm, and stopping bleeding, and can be used to help treat chronic bronchitis, hypertension, hemorrhoids and bleeding.
  30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 200 grams of lean pork, 200 grams of lean pork, add appropriate amount of water, and cook for 1 and a half hours.
It is suitable for dry cough, irritability, thirsty drinking, insomnia and more dreams, lung dryness and yin deficiency type slow branch.