Storytelling Mom’s Hypnosis

My son’s sleeping habits have always been bad. He asked us to play with him in the middle of the night. He had to sleep in the middle of the day, or he would never wake up.

  So Ji Jing tried his best to countermeasures and finally came up with some hypnotic tricks.

  Tell him a few interesting stories before going to bed, such as “Little Rabbit”, “The Finishing Eyes”, etc. His son listens to such stories a lot.

At this time, he already had a preliminary sense of rules, so I set the rules for the game: such as promised to tell him three stories, then after the story is finished, he has to sleep obediently and not make trouble.

In this way, the story method is also quite effective.

In the morning I changed to an ancient poem.

As soon as I thought, “Who dreams first?” The son opened his eyes and continued: “I know myself all my life.

Thatched cottage sleeps well, and the day is late outside the window.

“Look, right?

  With the storytelling method, I thought it would be “good luck”.

I never thought that people are not as good as heaven. After more than half a year, this trick failed again.

So I used to learn grammar, read Tang poetry, said antonyms, tricked my son to sleep happily every day, and learned too much.

I pity me as a mother, so exhausted and tired.

  When the new storytelling approached the age of three, his son suddenly remembered the old story and missed the storytelling.

So I made a new rule with him: I told a story, and he had to tell a story.

The son loves to tell the story of the wolf, and will use his own life experience to tell, or put his wishes into the story, it is not bad, you listen: Little white rabbit goes to see the wolf, big greyThe wolf said, “Get out!

The little squirrel went to see the wolf. The wolf said, “Go out!

Sika deer went to see the wolf, said the wolf, “Go out!

“The wolf is not polite, and no one will be friends with it.

  The wolf went to buy sugar, and people asked it: “Are you good?

The wolf said, “I’m very good. I won’t lose my temper.

“They gave it sugar.

The wolf ate sugar and got a cold.

(I told him that he ca n’t eat sugar when he catches a cold, otherwise it will be serious. He does n’t believe in this evil, so he uses stories to express his requirements.) The lyrics Solitaire children turned out to be so “new and old”, I finally realized.
During this time, my son was dissatisfied with the story method again, so I had to rack my brains and come up with the idea of “lyrics”.

The son quickly grasped the essentials and received it well, like the following group he took: Pecan-pecan-peach-paper-head-hair-glow-brightness(I didn’t think about it)-Tomorrow-Daybreak-Shining.

Then, the son became drowsy, said vaguely, “I am going to sleep,” and then ignored my stubble.

  As my son gets older, the frequency of changing “hypnosis” is getting faster and faster. It seems that I have to quickly prepare for the next stage of hypnosis.