Do you have good man syndrome

Good talking is a habit for “good people”, and it is also a tool for maintaining interpersonal relationships.

Many “good guys” have family relationship problems in childhood, such as single parents.

Because of the lack of family care, they often don’t think highly of themselves. They feel that only if they help others, others will love themselves; only by doing what others want, others will accept themselves.

But satisfying others unconditionally will only suppress their own needs and reduce happiness.

In fact, only by satisfying your own needs can you be recognized by others; only by knowing yourself can you be respected by others; only by believing that you deserve to be loved can you get more love.

Test if you have Good Man Syndrome: 1.

Do you say “No” in your heart, but answer “Yes” in your mouth?


Do you want people around you Dublin?


Are you unhappy because of your reasonable demands?

If you answer “yes” to all of the above questions, you may have “good man syndrome”.

You can take a minute a day, look in the mirror, look at your eyes in the mirror, and say to yourself firmly, “I deserve to be loved unconditionally, I allow myself to be loved!

“Stand for a month and you will find a new glory in your life.