Core Tip: Many friends have the habit of reading newspapers and reading newspapers, but this habit will increase the probability of bacterial transmission and is more prone to hemorrhoids.

  All public health knowledge tells us that reading in the toilet is a matter of spreading bacteria. Of course, many people can’t change this “bad habit.”

  When reading a book while going to the toilet, is this a bad habit or something okay?

Jon Sauul of the Military Children’s Gastroenterology Study tells you the true facts.

After deciding to study the paper, he consulted the alternative medical literature and hoped to find information to support the traditional public health dogma, but eventually a record could not be found.

Then Souul and his colleagues produced a questionnaire that was distributed to hundreds of individual replacements.

  From a medical point of view, there are indeed too many questions to ask about “toilet reading.”

For example, if you bring these books to the toilet, will you get some dirty things?

How long will those nasty nausea bacteria survive on smooth journals or newspapers?

Does “toilet reading” have any direct impact on the movement of disabled people?

  Sauul explained that bacteria do not survive on adsorbent surfaces for a long time, for example, they may only survive for a few minutes in newspapers.

However, bacteria can survive for hours if it is on the smooth surface of a plastic book cover.

Another study reported that in the UK, 1 in 6 mobile phones were contaminated with excreta, mainly due to not washing their hands after going to the toilet.

  “So reading a book while going to the toilet is better than playing a mobile phone, and the most important thing is to wash your hands!

“For Shaouer, the fact is completely true, is there any impact of series vibration on the toilet reading?”

“The result is that when I go to the toilet, I read more people to be more relaxed and more ‘smooth’.

“Shaoul said, “Reading can even solve the problem of constipation.”

”  “‘厕读者’会花更多的时间在厕所里,他们认为更享受‘如厕时光’,因此患上便秘的几率更小,事实也确实很少便秘;唯一的缺陷是,‘厕读者’更容易患上痔疮。After getting some of the surprises, Sauul expanded the scope of the study and finally received 499 complete questionnaires for men and women, aged 18 to 65, including unemployed, students, construction workers, andScholars; 64% of men and 41% of women admit that they have a habit of reading when they go to the bathroom, and in most cases, their readings are newspapers, and the results of the index are increasingly proving his whereabouts.