Red bloodshot daily care Xiao Miao bid farewell to red flutter

Red-blooded skin is mainly caused by dilated capillaries on the face. This kind of skin is thin and sensitive.

This time, Xiao Bian brought you red blood care advice, hoping to help you!

  Causes of red blood vessels 1. Genetic factors Red blood vessels are related to heredity. The skin is born with superficial capillaries, the capillary walls are fragile and the blood vessels are highly sensitive. If they are affected by the surroundings, red blood vessels will form.

  2. The blood circulation is affected by the cold and heat of the skin, which will cause the capillaries to be tight, the blood flow will not be smooth, and redness will appear, and red blood will be formed.

  3. Excessive exfoliation Frequently exfoliating will make the skin thinner and thinner, especially for sensitive skin. Excessive exfoliation will damage the surface of the skin and cause red blood cells to ooze out, thereby forming red blood cells.

  4, bad lifestyle habits like spicy food, tobacco and alcohol, excessive fatigue and partial eclipse, the temperature difference between hot and cold in the environment is too large.

  Red blood skin care recommendations 1, dietary considerations: diet can take more milk, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits, to enhance skin resistance.

Attention should be paid to enhancing the improvement and elasticity of blood vessel walls and improving microcirculation. It is necessary to fundamentally alleviate and improve skin redness and redness.

Fish, shrimp, crab, etc. can easily cause skin allergies. Avoid eating as much as possible. 2. Strengthen protection. Sensitive red blood cells. Skin lacks protection against ultraviolet rays and is more prone to aging. Use sunscreen. After skin care,It’s better to apply a sunscreen.

  3. Don’t use skin care products that are too effective. There are many skin care products on the market that are promoting high efficiency. The nutrition of skin care products must be applied to the deep layers of the skin. These are fatal to red-blooded skin.The effect will lead to high sensitivity and high risk. Red blood-skinned skin cannot use products that are too effective. It should be used to exclude ineffective products that do not increase the burden on the skin. This is the best way to restore skin health.

  4. Fully moisturizing red-blooded skin is too thin to store moisture, and it will feel faster and dry in winter than ordinary skin. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen moisturization in daily maintenance.In addition to the moisturizing lotion, moisturizing lotion and cream, moisturizing facial mask needs to be applied regularly.