Preschool children should not eat half-boiled eggs

Core tip: Many parents mistakenly think that the nutritional value of half-cooked eggs is higher than that of cooked eggs. It is thought that preschool children need high nutrition, so they often eat half-cooked eggs, which is actually not scientific!

  Children around the age of 6 have relatively high nutritional needs, and they ca n’t meet their physical development needs by eating only normal meals.

In particular, eat some high-protein foods. Eggs are very nutritious and you can eat more for your children.

Some parents think that half-boiled eggs have high nutritional value, which is a wrong view.

  In fact, it may even be harmful for children to eat such eggs.

What is the reason for this?

  It turns out that there are 14 proteins in every 100 grams of eggs.

7 grams, aunt 11.

6 grams, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other substances are also high in content.

However, the protein of eggs contains antibiotic protein and anti-plasma protease. These two substances can metabolize protein and be broken down, digested and absorbed by the human body.

  Therefore, when giving eggs to children, they must be destroyed in order to effectively use the nutrients in eggs.

At high temperatures, these two substances can be broken down. In eggs that are not fully cooked, these two substances are not destroyed, resulting in a part of the protein being unable to be digested and absorbed in the body, and eliminated in the metabolic process.

  In addition, during the formation of eggs, bacteria can enter the eggs directly from the hen’s ovary.

In the half-boiled eggs, all the bacteria are not killed, and they are susceptible to disease.

Therefore, do not give your child half-boiled eggs.

  People now eat more and more eggs. Yang Zhen’e said that drinking raw eggs and boiling water to wash eggs is not good for human health.

Because the biotin in eggs is harmful to the human body, these eating methods cannot destroy biotin.

And some people just eat egg white or egg yolk, which is not reasonable.

  How to eat eggs for people of different ages?

Infants aged 0 to 1 are suitable for eating steamed egg custard or egg soup. These two methods can loosen protein and be easily digested and absorbed by children. They can eat boiled eggs after one or two years old and scrambled eggs after two years old.The elderly try to eat less fried eggs.

When steaming eggs or scrambled eggs, you can add chives, green peppers, shrimps, etc. to the beaten eggs according to your taste.

  If you boil eggs with water, it is best to cook the eggs tenderly, that is, to cook them for another five or six minutes. At this time, the yolk of the eggs has just solidified. When you eat eggs in this state, the human body has the highest protein absorption rate.

Eggs are cooked for too long, making it difficult for the nutrients in the yolk to be absorbed by the body.

When eating boiled eggs, chew them slowly, otherwise it will affect absorption and digestion.

  According to the latest scientific research, half-boiled eggs are most suitable for human consumption, but try choosing multiple fresh eggs.