Marry someone who doesn’t want to marry

When I was 29 years old, my friends still laughed and said that she had a girl-like dream. Although she was old, she still pursued so little romance, hoping to marry a man who can take beautiful photos of herself for a lifetime.

But only I know that this is not an illusion. Since I was young when I first knew about love, I longed to marry a man who can see his beauty and can keep that most beautiful moment forever with the camera.Let my life live in such beautiful lenses.

It is easy to get bored in ordinary days, but to find the beautiful man in the wrinkles at the corner of my eyes, how bright and colorful life will be.

  With such a longing and looking forward to all the way, I am still empty-handed. There is no man who is willing to take photos for my whole life and is happy to marry me.

I also encountered such an artistic man who moved his mind to marry me, but on the way to take a wedding photo, he suddenly looked at the two on my cheek in the mirror opposite and laughed: I prefer to marry in the lensCharming and enchanting, once people become vulgar, how can they become boring?

That was the first time I looked at myself by chance. It was really not beautiful. There was no sophistication in the lens. When walking on the street, no one would believe that the POSE I put out was once regarded by many photographers.classic.

They are willing to cooperate with me, in my expressions, so that inspiration can bloom in the camera.

In the eyes of the people around me, I am just an ordinary woman who is photogenic and narcissistic; but to the photographer behind the lens, I am a spiritual woman with a rich inner meaning, and they have a constant interestThe passion is burning inside.

  But this is also the case. No photographer and I have ever had a love like the texture in the lens. The momentary beauty makes their love for me, and the fireworks become ashes with it.

But I still haven’t given up the dream of marrying a photographer. At least, he should also take a few photos that are worth retaining for me at different ages, right?

How bleak and sad will it be to marry a man like a man who has no money to support his family and live a small life, other than earning money?

I was afraid of marrying in this way. Before the age of 30, I could n’t withstand the persuasion of many people, and now that this man who has tasted in the mundane days repeatedly pleaded, he softened his heart, and married himselfThe last person in my life who didn’t want to marry.

  When I married this man named Kang, my heart was still cold. I didn’t know that my future life would make me bored.

Living with a man who is far from his ideal, and living through the pain of domesticating him, so that when he goes on day by day, he occasionally returns to the camera, fearing that even his smile is stiff and shrinking?

But Kang didn’t seem to mean that I was picking him up, and as usual, when I met him without an artistic cell, he teased me that all he loved my cells and even accidentally killed him.Tens of thousands will also spawn more to supplement in an instant.

I said that no matter how much you love, can you make up for the regret of not shooting?

You know I only feel glorious when I’m in the camera.

Kang knew that I didn’t want to go to the studio to take art photos. I only loved the glorious flashes in a short time, and my only preference, he just had no ability to capture it.

All he could do was to treat me in the most mundane way.

He will carefully boil a bowl of lotus seed porridge for me with gentle heat, and slowly borrow my stomach when I am upset and dry.

He would ride me around the city, just to buy a cheongsam that I like, and then when I was in self-pity, I gave him praises that made me look as good as in front of the camera.

He would leave a note at the bedside when I was drowsy with drowsy hair and no makeup, and said, baby, most of all you are as beautiful in my heart as in the photo.

He will drop in from the market to buy a beautiful cabbage from the market, put the remaining cores for cooking on a plate with water, and raise the delicate yellow flowers of goose yellow to me.

  He does so many things, everything makes me feel happy, but he never learns to take good-looking photos for me; I will always be indifferent in his lensEven he himself couldn’t bear to look out.

I have always felt regret and disappointment because of this. I don’t know if Kang has any regrets, but what I like most in my life, he can’t give it.

Then one day he took my hand for a walk in the community, and a colleague met, and with a look of envy, said: Meimei, you are so happy, your husband is holding you like a babyWalking with my hand, when I was the same age as you, the two were too lazy to talk when they met.

When my colleagues have gone away, I look at Kang with a shy face and gently ask: Kang, if you have a photographic cell, you will use the camera to record the beauty of my life for me?

Kang shook my hand vigorously and replied: No, even if I can take the best-looking photos, I don’t want to use the camera, because only my heart can make every beautiful moment of you beautifulRemember it carefully.

  The man I don’t want to marry most, he won’t fiddle with the lens that can beautify people, but his heart has been quietly recording all my glory.

If there is a future life, I still don’t want to marry Kang who loves beauty, so I have to transform my life and give it all to his heart, to keep a record and keep it.

  Opinion: The heroine here was originally a very idealistic figure.

It is not serious that she wants to marry a man who can capture her instant beauty in the camera. In her life, a large part of her own value and personal emotions are pinned on her beautiful image in the photo.

  However, life is realistic. With the increase of age, every woman’s bladder collapses will mark the years. Life is real. The refined image in the photo that no longer eats human fireworks must also face the firewood saltHow can a photographer who captures the beauty of her in the lens as romantic as she is, accepting the vulgar in reality?

  Finally, she married the person she didn’t want to marry.

From the gradual running-in, we finally realized the reality of life.