My family rid me of my poor love

My love is like the little girl in red in the film “Schindler’s List”. She is the only color in the film, with anger and hope.

Poor love makes my life like this movie. It’s low and dim, my parents complain, and my friends’ insolvency represents their views on love. I tried and resisted.

When the family forces the person I love, the only thing I can do is to put a red ribbon on the letter to him and put it into a drift bottle, so that the bottle becomes the Yangtze River and drifts into the distance.Expectations and desires.

  Reporter: Chen Weigang Heard: Wu Lan Age: 27 years old Occupation: Company business manager Interview location: Beibin Road My love is like the little girl in red in the film “Schindler’s List”, she is the entire filmThe only color in it is indignation and hope.
Poor love makes my life like this movie. It’s low and dim, my parents complain, and my friends’ insolvency represents their views on love. I tried and resisted.

When the family forces the person I love, the only thing I can do is to put a red ribbon on the letter to him and put it into a drift bottle, so that the bottle becomes the Yangtze River and drifts into the distance.Expectations and desires.
  The rudeness of meeting him at first angered me one day last summer. I threw a letter of resignation on the boss’s desk and left the company.

The boss is my father and he did not keep me.

The reason is simple, because I and Ah Cheng are in love.

  A Cheng is only a driver of our company. He only takes a day off every half month. His salary is only 1200 yuan per month. This is not enough for his father to ask for a visit.

The company was run by his father, making a lot of money every month.

After graduating from college in 2001, I was recruited into the company by my father.

Although I am just an ordinary employee, everyone knows that I will definitely take over the company in the future.

  I first saw Ah Cheng the second month after joining the company. On that day, he returned from the supplier to pull office supplies for the company, and was responsible for dispatching to each department.

On the other day, I happened to type documents in the reference room. When Ah Cheng came in, he carried a box of copy paper, saw my stranger’s face, and asked me after a moment’s hesitation.

“Since I was alone in the office at that time, I nodded on my own.

  When Ah Cheng spread the acceptance list on the table, I looked at the complicated form on the list and found no place to write for a long time.

Ah Cheng looked around for a while, seeing that I hadn’t handed the list back to him yet, and anxiously asked me whether I would sign or not.

At this time, I can only admit that I have never signed a list.

After hearing this, he pulled my hand a little rough and clicked in one of the cells.

When I finished signing, he grabbed the list back and threw it down: “Newcomer, he won’t even sign a receipt.

“After hearing what I said, I was very angry. If I didn’t expect my father to warn me to be with my colleagues as an ordinary employee, I would definitely get angry.

  One afternoon a few days later, after I felt good for him, Ah Cheng came to my office, looking a little scared.

I thought that there was a problem with the inventory of the goods that day, so I asked him to prove it.

Unexpectedly, he threw three knees at me and said to me with a begging tone: “Miss Wu, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t treat you that way that day, please don’t tell the boss about things .”Admit me wrong.

I told him I had forgotten it and told him not to worry too much.

Ah Cheng even said a few “thanks” when he went out.

  In the future, every time Ah Cheng came to the office to deliver things, he lowered his head when he saw me, but after a few visits, he found that I did not retaliate against him, and there was no previous nagging and tension.

Gradually, I found that A Cheng was a very handsome young man, who was amiable and very easy-going. I even felt a little good about him.

  The “different look” at Ah Cheng was due to the guidance he gave me on the work.

That was about half a year after I met him, and I was sitting in the reference room that day, and I did n’t know how to check the large amount of goods.

During this time, Ah Cheng kept cleaning things up in the corner of the room and saw that I was anxious and asked me what was happening without looking up.

After knowing my difficulties, he went straight to the computer, tapped the keyboard a few times, brought up two identical lists, and pointed to the screen.

  Next, I compared the data that A Cheng gave me and quickly completed the work.

At the end of work, in order to show my gratitude, I offered to invite him to dinner, and he agreed.

  At the dinner table, I learned that A Cheng’s family is in the countryside, and his parents are no longer there. He and his brother grew up with his uncle.

A few years ago, he came to Chongqing to attend an adult university and obtained a secretary qualification certificate, but because of his introversion, he always ran into a wall when applying for a job, until he later applied to our company as a driver.
  After falling in love with the rich businessman and the driver, after learning of these situations, I suddenly began to sympathize with this young man. The distance between me and Ah Cheng seemed closer. Except for work, we greeted and joked like brothers.
I found that besides being very diligent in work, Ah Cheng is also a rare and careful man in his life.

The one that impressed me the most was that once, Feng Feng from the business department was infected because her child had a cold. At that time, she was covering her nose because she was afraid of transmitting the virus to us.

When Ah Cheng sent something over at noon, he quietly stuffed a new mask into Sister Feng’s hands.

This detail was seen by me, and it was not clear what it was for. I started to pay attention to Ah Cheng.

  I asked him to eat again, used his spare time to chat with him, and even asked him to evaluate my new clothes. Of course, these were done in the name of “brothers.”

However, two single men and women who have a good relationship with each other have been in contact for a long time, and even if they are controlled, their emotions are gradually heating up.

After meeting Ah Cheng for a year, we fell in love.

  In the company, our relationship is very secretive, no one knows that we are in love, and we dare not let others know.

Because the owner’s daughter will look after a driver, others may think that we have a purpose, but the fact is that we are pure.

  When I left my father’s company to love me, our plan was to wait for a while to find a way to transfer Ah Cheng to the position of secretary or clerk before announcing our relationship to you.

When Ah Cheng hadn’t moved yet, our relationship was revealed, and the first thing I knew was my father.

Later I learned that when A-cheng drove me at the gas station one day, because I was leaning my head on A-cheng’s shoulder while waiting, as a result, this scene happened to be seen by a friend of my father.A few days later, when my father met my father, something “trembled”.

  As a result, it is conceivable that my father sent me an ultimatum, and he must sever his contact with Ah Cheng, not because of our local disparity, not because he cannot tolerate a poor boy to be his son-in-law, which makes him very shameless. At the same time,It will also affect his business and even cause losses.

  The mysterious and absurd theory is that the happiness of a daughter is not as good as his father’s business, and the role of the boss trumps his father’s responsibility.

I rebutted my father, thinking that he had no reason to associate his business with my love, but my father could not hear any explanation from me.

After half a month, after another argument, he gave me the final order, let me choose, and then left Ah Cheng to stay on and prepare to take his class; or left the company and survived on his own.

In the end, A Cheng and I chose the attachment, and we left the company with the 4,000 yuan we had accumulated.

There is nothing worth remembering, because after going out of this gate, we will be happy.

  We rented a two-bedroom house in Huaxin Street. The moment I walked into the room, I vigorously threw off my high heels and jumped around the room ecstatically, although it was rented.A house, but I think this is our cozy home.

  One afternoon after harassing my family to intimidate me to leave him three months later, just as I walked downstairs, a silver BMW car stopped by my side, and my mother came out of the car with her two aunts and cousin.
Only then did I remember that I hadn’t had any contact with them for the past 3 months.

I thought they came to pick me and Ah Cheng home, at least they came to visit us, but did not expect that my mother came to me and stared at me. The first sentence I said was:Enough, let’s go home.

“Tears were like the tide breaking through the embankment, rushing out of my eyes, I slammed the hood of the car and shouted at them,” You mean, just accept us, or just let us go.

“My actions seemed to them to be unreasonable. After I stopped crying, my mother asked me again:” Are you going back? ”

“You don’t agree, I must not go back.

“After that, I turned and ran upstairs.

Immediately afterwards, I heard the start of the car, they did come to me.

  Ah Cheng knew what happened in the afternoon that night. He didn’t blame my family. He just held me tightly in his arms and told me that although our current life is full of wind and rain and even haze, the darker sky alsoThere will be a ray of sunlight coming in.

  But since our mother came that day, their harassment against us has not stopped.

  My mother and I also had two long talks. No matter how I explained or even begged, she still insisted on her own point of view. She always believed that a poor boy like Ah Cheng cannot give me happiness, and my love seemed to have power and moneyAnd the Family Democrats.

  My lover suddenly left me and went to the next day. When I came home from work, I found two bruises on the front of A Cheng, and my legs were awkward when I walked. It seemed to be injured.

I asked him what was going on, and he told me that there was a small friction between the company and a colleague, and then he fell off the stairs with only a minor injury.

From this day, I found that Ah Cheng’s attitude towards me changed, and he no longer took the initiative to play CDs, stopped talking to me, or even intentionally avoided me.

  I couldn’t figure out why Ah Cheng had such an abnormality. I asked him why, and he wouldn’t say the reason. After a month like this, I couldn’t help getting angry.

That day, I told him to go to the movies together. He not only refused my request, but also ironically said that I knew to watch movies.

I was so angry that I turned the table over.

Although we usually have quarrels, we have never had hysterical behavior like this.

Ah Cheng didn’t hit me back, but went into the bedroom and locked the door.

  For three days, we didn’t say a word. On the fourth day, I returned home but didn’t see Ah Cheng. He usually went home more than half an hour earlier than me, even during the “Cold War” days.No exception.
Walking into the bedroom, I found that his clothes were missing in the closet.
  In the end I found a note that was under the Roman Holiday book.

A few words were written on it: “Xiao Lan, I do love you very much, and thank you for giving me love, but I do have to leave, for you and for myself.

“Call Ah Cheng’s phone again, and the voice said that he was not in the service area.

I have no sleep all night.

  The caring bottle was filled with the truth. After much inquiry, I didn’t get any news from Ah Cheng.

Later, a friend of Ah Cheng told me that some time ago, Ah Cheng was beaten, and the hitter told him not to work hard on me, otherwise both of us would be very painful.

Ah Cheng told the friend about this and asked him to keep it secret.

  From this, I judged that Ah Cheng’s indifference and change were all based on his own goodwill and no reason, and the assailant didn’t need to ask me to know who it was.

  From that day onwards, I will go to Beibin Road every month, replace each piece of paper with the thoughts and blessings of A Cheng, wrap it with a red ribbon, put it in a small glass bottle, and throw it into the river.
Watching the drift bottle blur in the river water, my mood is clearer, because I know it is filled with eternal love.

  Maybe, in this life, Acheng and I will never see each other again, but our lives will continue, and my concern for him will not change.

(The name changed in the text.)