Tarot Test: In what respect are you a miser?

No one is perfect, everyone will have their own side.

Maybe gamers are too much money, others are eating and knowledge.

And in what respect are you a miser?

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  Rule: Keep quiet and meditate in your heart where is a miser?

Choose one of the five cards above based on your feelings. Remember not to choose deliberately, not as if to choose.

After selecting, scroll down to see the answer.

  Option 1: Starcoin First Card-Analysis: You seem to be stingy in terms of money or the money material you are about to get.

You will work hard to get it, and when you first get it, you will always keep it as a treasure.

But it doesn’t seem that your puppet will last long, and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t take long to feel fresh.

  Choice 2: Holy Grail Eight + Analysis: In the face of things that are about to be lost, you always have an indescribable obsession, unwilling to lose them, and want to keep them.

In the face of something you are about to lose, you are very stingy, use it carefully, and plan a little bit, and you are afraid that it will be gone.

Sometimes it’s weird to even have others not to disappear.

  Option 3: Pope-Analysis: Actually you are a stingy person, but it seems that you don’t want your stingy character to be known.

So often there are a lot of things that you care about but do n’t care about pretending to be generous.

Instead, you should think that you are more embarrassed about your face, and are unwilling to destroy the image of the people around you, and this is even a little too much for you. What you say is that you don’t want to do any harm.

  Choice 4: Starcoin Knight-Analysis: You are a realistic person in many ways, and your stinginess is mainly manifested in the things you have now disposed of.

Do not want your own disappearance, do not want your things to be taken away is your direction.

But it seems that your perseverance is not very strong, and if it is lost, it may not be long.

  Choice 5: Temperance-Analysis: Speaking of which you are a mean person, you are also a generous person.

Your essence is not a generous owner, and possessiveness is still very strong, but it seems that you will often reflect on yourself, restrain your desires, and restrain your stingy heart.

But no matter how restrained, there will be occasions of missing the net.

So you are both stingy everywhere, but at the same time you are considered stingy.