and,Yu Wen is not a novice player who is ignorant and ignorant,She knows the current player’s strength,Even if she didn’t learn epee,It’s very difficult to hit this kind of damage easily with the Jade Girl sword!

Besides, Du Jueming seems to be just a random palm。 “Xiao Wen,Don’t froze,Quickly resolve the battle!” Xu Xuxu naturally understands why Yu Wen is stunned,Reminded。 “Oh oh,Yes。” Hear Xu Xuxu’s […]

Knuckles pinched,The porcelain cup makes a slight cracking sound,The man’s lips curl up,Draw a cruel arc:“Find!Even if it’s dead,Also drag her body over to this handsome。”Even if it’s dead,He wants her to apologize to Xingyue!百镀一下“The special forces king of the beautiful president爪书屋”最新章节第一时间免费阅读。

———— Chapter three thousand six hundred and five Beauty is always the most important boom! Shen Si Yinru was struck by lightning! Her hands clenched tightly,Looked at him incredulously! But […]

in fact,After Peng Changyi got in the car,I’ve been tilting my head and looking at Shu Qing upstairs。After listening to Old Gu,He turned around,Said after sitting comfortably:“Humph,I finally know I can’t bear it。”

Old Gu saw him teasing Shu Qing like this,Can’t help but laugh,Said:“Then let her transfer。” Peng Changyi said frankly:“I will never take the initiative to say this!Even if she asks […]