The old man has a bad temper and is careful about dementia!

Paying attention to the mental health of the elderly has become a matter for all sectors of society to put on the agenda.

According to a popular science data, 85% of the elderly have more or less different psychological problems due to the deterioration of brain function and the rapid changes in life before and after retirement.

Psychological construction is especially important.

  Psychologists are forgotten in the corner of the saying that old and young, the older the younger.

The old man really said this, becoming like a child, being stubborn, stubborn, furious and forgetful, so that in the eyes of a psychiatrist, it may become a mental illness patient.

At the far end, the community of Guangxi has given considerable attention to the health of the elderly, and the mental health of the elderly is still a forgotten corner.

  Relevant information shows that 85% of the elderly have more or less psychological problems of different degrees, and 27% have obvious concerns, depression and other psychological disorders, 0.

34% of people have certain schizophrenia symptoms, 0.

75% of people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Guangxi psychologists said that in Guangxi, mental health treatment started late, and mental health care for the elderly is still a blank.

  In recent years, there are only a handful of doctors who have been specially trained in mental illness treatment in Guangxi. In the capital, there are only Guangxi Medical University, District People’s Hospital, Nanning First People’s Hospital, and four hospitals.

The mental health cause in Guangxi is undeniably in a relatively backward state.

It is difficult for you to see patients over 50 years old in a hospital with a psychological counseling clinic in the capital to treat patients with mental illness.

Member of the Chinese Medical Association Psychology Association, Liu Jianrong, the chief physician of the psychological consultation clinic of Guangxi Medical University, has only met a dozen elderly patients since he was a doctor for 12 years. Most of them are introduced by acquaintances or other departments are transferred. Only a few of them are taking the initiative to see a doctor.of.

  The type of heart disease is lonely, depressed and worried that the child is big, flying like a bird out of the nest of the parents, leaving the old parents alone to guard the empty nest.

In Guangxi, the results of the fifth national census in 2000 showed that the population aged 65 and over in our district was 319.

820,000 people, accounting for 7 of the total population of the region.


About one-third of the elderly families are currently experiencing “empty nesting” and are still increasing.

The empty nest phenomenon makes medicine a new term “empty nest syndrome”. After retirement, the elderly who have no pressure and become bored have various endocrine levels, and cerebral vascular aging is more likely to cause depression in the elderly.

At the same time, the problem of marital breakdown, remarriage, house after remarriage, property and problems with the other children may cause depression and anxiety in the elderly.

Symptoms of geriatric depression are mild.

Some old people are lonely and autistic and unsocial; some are uncomfortable and uncomfortable, worried, insomnia; some even feel that they have no fun to commit suicide.

  Alzheimer’s disease is also an early onset of mental illness. Suddenly, the temper becomes very violent and the memory is also prominent. People around you should consider letting the elderly go to the psychological clinic for identification. It is a general old memory decline or an early manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease.
Through the timely intervention of psychology or psychiatry, the treatment effect of Alzheimer’s disease is generally obvious, at least effective.

According to the doctor, it is a pity that the children of the elderly are generally consulted. The patient always said that “no neurosis” refused to come.

The patients who are clinically encountered are usually sick and demented. They are transferred to other clinics before they go to the consultation.

  Spinal cord ailments lead to heart disease Dr. Liu Jianrong has more than 10 elderly patients who have been treated by doctors for 12 years. All of them have a common feature. Most of them are symptoms of various psychological disorders such as senile depression and anxiety.

Dr. Liu Jianrong said that after the retirement of the elderly, they will face all kinds of unavoidable mistakes, such as their husbands, old friends who died, physical aging, and health deteriorated.

These problems can lead to fear and crisis for the elderly. Once the body really has problems, the size is prone to excessively worried performance. The boots are not interested in everything, low mood, worry, insomnia, and depression.

  Everyone claims that the heart disease is too much for the doctor. The psychologist believes that the elderly heart disease needs active prevention and treatment.

As the elderly themselves, they should correct their attitudes and accept the reality. No matter what difficulties they encounter, they must take a realistic and positive attitude towards life, care for themselves, comfort themselves, and avoid maintaining a psychological balance.

When people are old, there are more time. Older people can get involved in learning more and cultivate a variety of interests and hobbies.

Also participate in public welfare undertakings and activities to make yourself busy and fulfilling.

When people are busy, they are lonely and lonely; they learn knowledge, contribute to others, and have a sense of accomplishment.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen interpersonal relationships, do not confine yourself to the room, visit relatives and friends, neighbors, prevent disease before they happen.

  More old institutions can strengthen the community’s old-age culture and increase some elderly psychological counseling institutions to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly.

It is said that the relevant person in charge of the Daban District Administrative Committee of Nanning City said that the city is a pilot city of the “Community Elderly Welfare Starlight Program” launched by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Many communities have enjoyed the benefits of the “Starlight Program”.The “Starlight Program” has created more opportunities for exchanges for the elderly, which is conducive to the physical health of the old people.

  Communication is better than money. Many children think that the filial old man is giving more money and letting him eat well.

In fact, the most valuable thing for the elderly is family and family.

Ms. Liu, the housewife of a five-family family in Nanning, said that as a child and a younger generation, she should know the spiritual support for the elderly, let the old man feel the joy of family and eliminate the troubles of loneliness.

No matter how busy the work is, children should often go home to see, accompany the elderly and strengthen communication with the elderly.

There are many things to communicate and communicate with the elderly, so that the elderly have a sense of need and a sense of understanding.

  The typical case of a suspicious ghost, Nanning, Huang Laotai is very lively and strong, and has a good relationship with his wife.

A few years after the two old retirements, the wife found a sustenance from various public welfare activities in the street, unit or old-age activity center, often going out to dance or busy.

The old lady gradually got advice. Some of them just caught a cold. The wife didn’t care for the past. When she was lying in bed, she thought about it. She suspected that her wife had an affair. The more she wanted to be, the more she felt, the more she fell asleep, she was bedridden.suicide.
Anxious children jumped up and down, and his wife explained it was useless.

Finally, after six months of psychotherapy by Dr. Liu Jianrong, the effect was good.

  A sick and sick “sick” Li Laotou, a retired cadre of an agency unit, has always been tough.

When I was 65 years old, I didn’t have a good wife.

In the following years, several relatives and friends died of illness.

Every time an old friend dies, he must know in detail the consequences and causes of his friend’s death from the medical book. The more he looks, the more he is afraid, and he always fears that he will turn his head one day.

At the age of 68, he lived for several days because of illness. The doctor said that he was discharged from the hospital. He felt that he was not cured at all. He was uncomfortable under his body. He always felt that he was plagued by various known or unknown diseases.Asking the hospital to check, although there is nothing he still has doubts.

Finally, I became insomnia, didn’t think about tea, and didn’t want to go out to see people.

After psychological treatment, he came out of the shadows.

It can be seen that mental health is especially important.